University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the major universities of California. Many of the communication projects developed by the marketing team there include promotional Materials, Logo Design, Web Design, Animation and Event Art Direction to promote the many activities and opportunities offered to the Students and Alumni. The following are some selected projects.​​​​​​​
Timeline of a Bruin
The UCLA Alumni Association is an internal organization of the University responsible for numerous events and activities related to both Students and Alumni. Some examples of these activities are concerts, trips, mentoring opportunities, career networking events, and diversity and volunteer programs. 
As graduation approaches every year, an ad is designed for the commemorative Yearbook that will be given to each student. This provides a trajectory of opportunities offered to graduates upon their graduation.
The 2018 ad showcases the exciting academic and professional career of a Bruin through all the events that the Association offers to them. UCLA Alumni Association accompanies the students during all their college life, beginning with their first step into campus, through their life as a student, and into their professional career.  Finally, the ad ends with a call for them to become a mentor and sponsor to the alumni community. 
Virtual Alumni Day 2018
For many years UCLA organized an annual event called Alumni Day. During this day, the University hosts a ceremony and would open its door to all alumni and students to showcase the new developments on campus.  Part of this ceremony included the introduction of new projects, as well as interviews and lectures. In the last few years however, the University sadly ceased this practice.
Despite this, the UCLA Alumni Association Marketing Team was determined to bring Alumni Day back! This time though it would move to a new innovative and groundbreaking medium; online! No other University had ever experimented with such format for a project on this scale.  It was the job of the Alumni Association to find the right path and deliver the same exciting experience to the Bruin Alumni.
At this point, a logo and branding were needed for the communication materials and the newly imagined website for the Virtual Alumni Day.
The Virtual Alumni Day closely coincided with another major event, the UCLA Centennial Celebration. The theme of the Centennial Celebration was multicolored and represented UCLA's place as a Californian university (complete with rays of sunshine). Therefore the VAD logo needed to closely align to that branding. The final design outlines a bear, the symbol of UCLA and California, and is made of light connected beams of light that evoke the digital age and sunbeams. 
VAD Art Competition
Virtual Alumni Day launched an art competition for the best photography, illustration and design on campus. The pamphlet for this contest was designed to be as broad as possible in order to attract a maximum number of artists without limiting their sense of what they wanted to create.  The visual therefore uses the two main colors of UCLA, blue and gold, in a color scale that is common to any fine art.​​​​​​​
Beat USC
Every year UCLA organizes a bonfire event linked to the most awaited football match of the season: UCLA vs USC. Both teams are from Los Angeles and they have been rivals since the inception of UCLA in 1919. ​​​​​​​
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