As an Art Director for Filmmaster Events in Milan, I worked for one year alongside the Expo Milano 2015 team on design, creation, production of the events, and activities promoting the upcoming World Expo. This included all institutional and promotional communication activities such as ceremonies, cultural events, trade shows, exhibitions, promotions, live performances, meetings, conventions, and road shows. Expo Milano 2015 had more than 150 participant Countries and 21.5 million visitors from all over the world in its six month duration. 
Some examples of the designs created for this event are: a series of kiosks and information centers located prominently in Italian airports, large and small printouts, set design, marquee personalization, speech support, logo animations, and interactive apps.
The opening ceremony of Expo Milano 2015 organized by Filmmaster Events won the first prize as Best Public Event in 2015 at Bea.
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