Art Direction for "Il viaggio della Costituzione" - "The Journey of the Constitution".
The Italian Prime Minister's Office wanted to organize a traveling exhibit in twelve Italian cities to celebrate the twelve fundamental articles of the Italian Constitution.  The focal point of this event was to inspire the citizens to examine the relevance of these documents and their significance in everyday life. 
The project required the design of twelve panels, each representing one of the fundamental articles. Another component of the design was the creation of an interactive app for iPads that allowed users to sign a copy of the Constitution and receive it via email. As a final touch, a video was created to showcase the historical significance and development of the articles.
The concept pivots around the calligraphic signature that the President of Italy placed on the Constitution to make this document effective 70 years ago. The pen sign of his signature travels from panel to panel writing each of the 12 articles. Each panel is associated to a color and a QR code connected to an audio file of famous Italian actor Roberto Benigni reading each article.
Aesthetically, the concept pivots around the calligraphic signature of the Italian President's signature (as it was seventy years ago) which ratified the document for country after the close of World War 2. The signature flows from panel to panel for each of the twelve articles.  Each panel is assigned a specific color and a QR code connected to an audio file of Italian actor Roberto Benigni reading each article.
The exhibit had more than 136.000 visitors. This project was a finalist at the Best Event Awards 2018 in Italy and it was created in collaboration with Next Group, based in Milan, rated best Event Agency of 2018. Visit the official website or watch the video recap for more information about this project.
Other layout and design options for the art direction of this event can be seen down below. Two of the panels are shown in 3 different variations. The original idea included the use of the pen sign to draw illustrations representative of each article.
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